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Set Your Course: Daily Lessons into Spirituality

Nov 28, 2017

Recognize that we are spiritual beings and decide to turn our lives over to “that which is greater than self” referred to in these steps as “The Divine”.

Instruction: Recognize spirituality happens now.
Today’s Assignment is to consider the differences between being born a spiritual person versus being born into a religious environment. At birth, many people were assigned a religion. Ask yourself this question: “If I had not been assigned a religion at birth and my guardians had presented different religions without prejudice, what religion would I have chosen?”

Set Your Course: Daily Lessons into Spirituality is a podcast about recovering from religious hurt. Each brief episode includes a specific instruction and assignment to give listeners a path to spiritual freedom and help them connect to their soul and inner spirit. Not only does it provide healing from past religious abuse, but also abuse of any form, and beyond that, it provides a path towards taking solid control of one’s spiritual and religious journey.

The goal of Religious Recovery is to reach out to those in need of healing from religious organizations or religious individuals. We accomplish this through the proven success of the 12-step platform. Although our program is not affiliated with any 12-step organization, our program of self-help in a non-threatening environment is loosely based on their ideas and concepts. We do not promote or denounce any religion, and we are not a religious organization.

More information about Religious Recovery, including how to join a recovery group, can be found at